the early days of a better planet

Great news from my international network of business partners (with thanks to Google Translate, which now has a Detect Language feature that is distinctly from the future):

Si Caroline is great businessman with his wife and
thence they nakabili a new set of fishing net as another
source of income.Her Crab vending previous project is still on-going to
where every week he sells in the city of Calamba.

The goal of Si Caroline’s fishing business is to generate enough income to send those adorable children to school. At my end, my 48 Kiva loans are repaying almost faster than I can reinvest the proceeds. My default rate, incidentally, is well under 3%. America’s bailed-out investment bankers can kiss my progressive, apple-shaped ass.

Said apple didn’t fall far from the tree. My Dad, recovering warmonger, is also busy saving the world, starting with rural New South Wales.

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