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what my bones know, by stephanie woo

I wanted to be the kind of woman people didn’t leave.

we watch a bad heterosexual date on the telly

Jeremy: Why are they sitting next to a bank of candles? Why is their table in the middle and everyone else’s around the edges?

Jo: Have you never been to a restaurant where you are the main character?

husbandry, by matthew dickman

my only job now, in all the world, is to not destroy my kids, and in turn, teach them not to destroy others

whale fall, by david baker

I wish I had spoken when it mattered

in the eye of the wild, by nastassja martin

Three years ago Daria described the fall of the Soviet Union to me. She said, Nastya, one day the light went out and the spirits came back. And we returned to the forest.

nona the ninth, by tamsyn muir

She had the terrible sinking feeling that whatever was going wrong right now, it was her fault somehow: that she hadn’t been smart enough or good enough.