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happy birthday to this blog

I have been blogging for twenty years. How about that.

monkey grip, by helen garner

I wished to trust, and so I trusted. When events did not please me, my dreams reworked them.

ongoingness, by sarah manguso

I wanted to know how to inhabit time in a way that wasn’t a character flaw.

best barbarian, by roger reeves

E, for empire—a thing to impale, kill, break

dreaming of you, a novel in verse, by melissa lozada-oliva

I crave a ferry to San Francisco and a dead phone full of messages.

the grief of stones, by katherine addison

I could not lay down the grief I carried, but I could name it for what it was, and by naming it ease the burden…

another win for the mammalian diving reflex

Me: Well, that was an intellectually productive bath.

Jeremy: Oh yes?

Me: I figured out existentialism.

Jo: Well done!

Me: You know how I was puzzling over Camus’ “one must imagine Sisyphus happy”? It’s not a thought experiment, it’s an imperative.

Jeremy: Right.

Me: Oh so you knew this all along?

Jeremy: Yep.

Jo: It means that Sisyphus has a simple job to do and knows how to do it and even though it will never be finished, that’s all you need to be happy.

Jeremy: No, it means you have to give people agency, even if what they are doing seems pointless to you.

Me: No! It means life is pointlessly hard work that will never be finished, but you have to invent ways to be happy anyway.

In this family we interpret Camus in ways that reflect our highly individual temperaments and perspectives TILL DEATH COMES FOR US

unmasking autism, by devon price

…the blueprint for building a worthwhile, authentic life already exists within you.

another day in the colony, by chelsea watego

To enact an existence that is always love and resistance demands of us a deliberate and conscious decision to find joy – not away from the fight, but in the fucking fight.

nettle & bone, by t kingfisher

Wait. Wait and see. The world is not always cruel.