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wayward son, by rainbow rowell

I’m not sure I’ve ever been this drained. It takes so much magic to stay alive in America.

braiding sweetgrass, by robin wall kimmerer

From the very beginning of the world, the other species were a lifeboat for the people. Now, we must be theirs.

insurgent empire, by priyamvada gopal

Common ground, even shared human feeling, is not a given, but is arrived at through imaginative work.

the cruel prince, by holly black

I think of the future I thought I was going to have and the one yawning in front of me like a chasm.

lady in the lake, by laura lippman

That’s basically the story of every woman’s life, right? You become your mother or you don’t. Of course, every woman says she doesn’t want to be her mother, but that’s foolish. For a lot of women, becoming their mothers simply means growing up, taking on responsibility, acting like an adult is supposed to act.