brief recap

Brekkie at Single Origin with Mark Pesce and “favourite Uncle Big”.

“Do you ever see Tim and Neal here? Their house is just around the corner.”

“No, never.”

Ten minutes later, guess who turned up?

Playgroup with Sam and Korbin in Newington, dinner at a cafe in Bronte with Big and Mark Bennett.

C: “I’m not a person, I’m a girl!”

“Is Daddy a person?”


“Is Uncle Big a person?”


“Is Mummy a person?”


“Is Julia a person?”

“No! She’s a girl!”

Brekkie at Cafe Otto with Kay, Kelso and Peter the Rocket Scientist, James Craig and the Endeavour at the Maritime Museum with Skud, dinner at home with Uncles Rob and Barney. Brekkie at home and a long play in the park, lunch with the Rachels and their respective entourages.

Me: “We need a flow chart of who’s talking to who.”

Much laughter.

Rach Honnery: “Big was going to draw one up!”

Big: “Yeah, and you were on it.”

Me: “Oh, I like everyone. Except wossname.”

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