scattered notes

1. telephone conversation with purported “best” “friend” “in california”

R: Out of sight, out of mind.

S: Hello? Who is this? I think you have a wrong number.

R: You’ve made a new best friend haven’t you! It’s wossname isn’t it.

S (patiently): No, I am a MOTHER.

R: You love Milo more than me.

S: Now now, don’t be silly.

2. three coincidences established, via cellphone, while sitting under Thussy’s jacaranda tree this morning

  • Vivienne Lander, my Australian riding instructor from the 1980s, is a friend of David Murdoch, my Californian riding trainer from the 2000s
  • Illy, the Arab boarding with Thussy, looks incredibly familiar to me because he is the son of Ralvon Job, full brother to Ralvon Ilk who I used to ride
  • Cass, Illy’s owner, works with a club promoter and knows Claire’s godfather the international DJ of mystery Big Daddy G

…and in fact the reason I talked to Vivienne in the first place was to tell her that I married the nephew of her friend Jan. Because apparently there are only TWENTY NINE PEOPLE in ALL OF AUSTRALIA. Boggle.

3. two events that make me feel a certain way

Jamey got 100% in her second physics exam, which makes me very happy. Leonard’s mother has died, which makes me very sad.

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