two dreams

1. head

The woman had had some kind of appalling car accident. If you looked at her right profile, she looked almost unharmed. Her face was still stretched over the front of her skull, and there was enough activity in her brain stem to give her a semblance of normal function.

But the left side of her head was just… gone. All the way through. Her skull was hollow. The bone at the back was completely exposed, with a few bits of meat and hair still clinging to the spurs. In the middle of her head, where her brain should have been, there was nothing, just the healing surface of the brain stem open to the air, and the back of her face, and the terrible jagged edges of her skull.

2. nukes

R: I dreamed we had family nukes. I thought, cool, that’ll teach our enemies to fuck with us.

J: It’s probably a reasonable insight into the Bush administration’s foreign policy. But still.

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