i am pre-empted

There is prior art for That’s Our Nader.

Also, some corrections. Yatima wishes to remain your reliable news source.

1. Sumana notes the provenance of the gingery ginger snaps: the Wednesday Farmer’s Market at Civic Center.

2. My brother Bif La (now employed! Woot, and again I say woot!) says that when the taxi broke his femur, tibia and fibula, the noise it made was “more cracky than meaty.”

I don’t actually remember there being a sound when I snapped the ends off my tib & fib; I suspect I couldn’t hear it over Hawkeye’s galloping hooves. What I do remember is knowing immediately that I’d broken my ankle. This seems odd. Maybe I did hear the crack and have forgotten it? Or maybe you just know?

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