in which i try to bleed you dry

This is kind of a weird one for me because I try to drip-feed the donations all year rather than scrambling to find cash at Chrimble. But! If you do get a wodge of checks from rich aunties, here’s where I’d send ’em were I you:

Partners in Health

Oh, God, Haiti: earthquake AND cholera? Please try to stay out of trouble in 2011. Paul Farmer’s organization was the first medical team on the ground. Your money will SO not be wasted here.

Fred Hollows Foundation

Yes, I know, I don’t like what he said about gay men either. But he’s dead, and his organization can restore sight to the blind for $25.


What I adore about Kiva is that the entrepreneurs PAY ME BACK. My original donation to Kiva has increased about fivefold. Suck on that, puny S&P-linked index fund! SUCK.


In hard times, luxury goods are the first to go; even when the goods in question have a brain and a pulse. 2010 was a terrible year for horses. Joe Shelton runs the most admired, humblest, most efficient and effective rescue in Northern California.


When the geek rapture transcends us all and I am finally re-instantiated as software that is able to grok group theory, EFF will take the place of all the above organizations. Until then think of your donations as a sort of digital 401(k).

Also, find your local hospice. One day you or someone you love will need it. (This year my local hospice turned out to be in Florida.)

Also consider getting on the Bone Marrow Donor registry. My darling friend Jen’s badass donor dude is doing the do on the 28th, so keep her (and him!) in your heart.

Also, if you’re a person who can give blood you should give blood, especially if you’re a special snowflake O Negative like meee!

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