a dozen-odd things that you might like, if you were me

  1. Sanjay Patel’s Ramayana: Divine Loophole (he’s the Pixar animator who also did the totally cute Little Book of Hindu Deities)
  2. Gama-go’s poppy tee
  3. Jeremy, who gave me both for my birthday
  4. Leo the taxi driver, who brought back my wallet, CONTAINING MY GREEN CARD, after I left it in his taxi; and who laughingly refused any kind of reward
  5. our neighbour Naomi’s mom and dad and their beautiful home in stunning Big Sur, where we spent last weekend
  6. sea otters like the one we saw swimming off Jade Cove when we hiked Point Lobos
  7. yummy last-minute dinner at La Provence with nineteen of my closest friends
  8. a series of intensely technical and awesome rides on Scottie as I figure out how to fix my lower leg
  9. OK Go actually outdoing themselves in their latest video, with help from the Maker community
  10. Synth Britannia
  11. kissing goodnight to my girls as they sleep in their new bunk bed
  12. my lucky, lucky, happy life.

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