mom and dad solve a puzzle (that opens a portal to hell)

“Oh Julia.”

“What has she done?”

“She’s dropped the keys through the hole into the DVD cabinet. And it’s locked.”

“Oh. Crap.”


“Can we hook it out?”


“I’ll get a coathanger.”

“Too stiff. There aren’t enough degrees of freedom.”

“Sure there are. Let me try.”

“No I’ll do it.”

“Huh. It’s not going to come up that way.”

“I wonder if we can get it through this slot?”

“No way, the keys are too thick. Do we have a magnet?”

“No. How about if I go through here and lift it up to you?”

“That might work. There you go. Steady…”


“Got it!”

(The keys are now hanging off a bulldog clip that is too big to go through the hole. What we should have done in the first place.)

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