Seriously great day, the first for a while. Morning playdate with the other Armistead Maupin parents, who are all gorgeous and charming and interested in the same kinds of gossip as I am (this year’s School District lottery having furnished us with way too much material, unfortunately.) Side trip back to Bernal for Claire’s piano class, during which I started a new-to-me Kerry Greenwood that is irresistibly reminiscent of my beloved Sunshine, which if you haven’t read, do! (The book list on the left there is so far out of date that it may never be caught up.)

The playdate went on for satisfying ages, at the end of which I was trembly with hunger and about to fall into that unable-to-decide-what-to-eat state when in the nick of time I remembered El Metate! Alemany works as a handy teleport from Excelsior to darkest Mission, and then there was a parking space (there is never a parking space) and twenty minutes later I was stuffed full of breaded fish tacos and happy as a pig.

When we got home there was a parking space! (There is never a parking space!) And the downstairses were just getting home, so Claire was swallowed up into their entourage and Jeremy and Julia had a nap, and since my services were not required I went to the mailbox and got a chai and cookies from Nervous Dog and dropped over to the Murgisteads to hang. And now I am home, with dinner-makings and a new piece of terrace-knickknackery, and the J’s are awake and the cat is healthy and hydrated and happy. Seriously great day.

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