and that’s not nearly ALL

R (sings): Once I ran to you (I ran!)
Now I run from you (I run!)
This tainted love you’ve given
I give you all a boy could give you
Take these tears and that’s not nearly ALL!

J: I see.

R (sings): Tainted love, oo-oo-ooh! Tainted love.
Don’t touch me please I cannot stand the way you tease!
I love you though you hurt me so, now I
Have to pack my things and go!

J: You’ve had lunch then.

R: Yes, it was quite good. And you?

J: I’m hungry.

R: Go eat, then call me and sing.

Yes, dear readers, where the hell have I been? An excellent question. I was doing so well through June and July with the daily updates, and then I fell off the map. Work, actually; I was being paraded around temples of commerce as a John Hodgman-esque Resident Expert, complete with nerd glasses. I actually felt very shiny in my new suits until some blog made a snarky comment about people who wear Ann Taylor and earn only $100k being “poor”, at which point I got the fuck over myself and laughed for some not inconsiderable time.

Then a weekend in Oz. All the long drive up, every time, I try to temper my own expectations with the conviction that it can’t possibly be as good as I remember it. Expectation-tempering was greatly assisted, this time, by Julia having violent projectile carsickness all along 128 and Mountain View Road. Then I get there and it’s better than I remembered. Words and even shiny cameras can’t do it justice; it’s just a river valley with an apple farm, and redwoods, and I don’t know a more beautiful place on earth. Especially when it has swashbuckling heroes and punk dyke heroines and feisty and ingenious kids swarming around. And soup. And roast lamb. And pie. Pie!

Lots more! Books and owl grief and an insanely busy weekend planned, with films and parties and kites! All in good time! Lunch included a double espresso! Can you tell?

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