i do not think it means what you think it means

R: Charles Kingsley is awesome.

Coworkers stare at me blankly.

R: Asked how he could reconcile evolution with Christianity, he said “My friend, God’s orthodoxy is truth. If Darwin speaks truth, he is orthodox.”

This is from A. N. Wilson, who I was interviewing for the position of dotty Brit imaginary boyfriend. Rather impressively, seeings as I’m only halfway through The Victorians, he’s already disqualified himself twice: first for quoting Michael Behe without noting that Michael Behe works on pretend-science at the Discovery Institute; second and far more distressingly, for using the word “abo” to describe a couple of indigenous Australian children, as if that word had no negative connotations when used by a white person. Even Wikipedia knows better. I wrote a ferocious letter to the publisher.

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