south city

There’s a whole city beyond the city I know, that I’m only just beginning to explore. This morning I took Jeremy and Claire to the new Flora Grubb for addictive coffee. Jeremy said what I had been thinking:

“It has a very …Burning Man feel.”

Sure, if you can imagine a lush Burning Man with delicious smells, an excellent selection of Japanese maples and no airborne grit. Once we were coffee’d up we headed to the gorgeous, gorgeous India Basin Shoreline Park, in the shadow of the old power station. It’s the parenthesis to Union Point Park in Oakland; Oakland has a sailboat playground, and India Basin has a steamship. With the post-industrial landscape and art studios and recovering shoreline, it felt like Blackwattle Bay and made me and Jeremy a bit homesick. Unaffected by our nostalgia, the girl went cheerfully nuts.

We jazzed up a very routine visit to the Target in Daly City by going in on Third and Geneva, past the MLK Pool and the new T streetcar line and Cow Palace, and coming back over Guadalupe Boulevard, which carves through San Bruno Mountain. Fierce. I wanted to hike, see the butterflies, meet Joan the Morgan Lady and go for a gallop up there. Nine years I’ve been in San Francisco and it feels like I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

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