dot-com parties and neighborhoodiness

Ay yi yi, my apologies, we are sleep-training Julia and in return, she is wake-training us. I am as sleep-deprived as a …thing, that …hasn’t slept much lately. The weekend has been the caricature of a fun weekend in San Francisco; yesterday brunch at Liberty Bakery with New Zealand Paul, a trip to the library, finally meeting Jeremy and Fiona at Nervous Dog, then high tea at Artur’s loft for Danny and Rose and then a proper dot-com party where dear Barney offered Jeremy a job (a job that Jeremy would love, but that the visa situation probably makes unfeasible. Bah.)

Today brunch at Nena’s with Ada’s daddies and their girlfriends and girlfriends’ boyfriends and all the kids, plus Daisy Dog; then we ran into lovely Jane Austin my prenatal yoga instructor on our way to meet Jamey and Rowan in the playground; then we ran into Aaron Ximm up on the hill and he told us of Great Horned Owls nesting on the Esmeralda stairs (me, I would have settled for Pretty Good Horned Owls), and there were red-tailed hawks and water springing from a red cliff face and Daisy Dog was a running fool! Home to make cottage pie for neighbours Colin and Naomi. Delicious food smells, I love you.

Notice of intention to write book reviews for The Years of Rice and Salt, Adult Themes, Izzy and Eve and Someone Comes to Town Someone Leaves Town. And, happy birthday Yoz and Big!

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