our terrible awful no-good very bad day

I had hoped to leave for Oz at about noon, but Julia woke up with conjunctivitis. I tossed up whether to call her pediatrician or take her to St Luke’s. My good experience on Thursday tipped the scales in favour of St Luke’s, and…

…it took three hours to get the prescription. And another three hours to work through five pharmacies to find one that had the right eye drops in stock. We left just in time to catch the commuter traffic. That stopped. And started. From Sausalito. To Santa. Fucking. Rosa.

It’s seventy miles to Cloverdale. It took us three hours. My God, how I wanted to be somewhere else.

The blessed wonderful kids slept from about five to about seven-thirty, and we reached the Oz turnoff at about eight. After being on the verge of tears all day, I actually cried with happiness as we came down to the farm.

After that of course, everything was magical.

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