guess what?

Nah, I’m just messin’ with ya.

Fab massage this morning – I can walk now! Jamey rocks! We were thrilled about the election results: Arnie is now being called the One-Terminator. He’s certainly not the worst Republican in office (Cheney? Gonzales? Rice? Rumsfeld? How to choose?) but it’s nice to see his virulently short-sighted anti-union propositions squashed like the bugs they are. I dropped Carole and Jeremy at City Art to take pictures of Carole’s big green canvas, then had a long chatty lunch with Mum at Lovejoy’s. Got buttons for cardigans and tie-backs for the pretty champagne curtains at the big fabric store under Thrift Town. Slept while Mum watched and thoroughly enjoyed 42 Up.

Spent the evening loving Mission Street in the November rain. The Argus Lounge has started a night called Stroller Bar – free goldfish crackers and juice boxes for the sproglets, $3 Cosmopolitans for the child-bearing hipsters, Enzo Garcia on penny-whistle and saw. It was fan-freaking-tastic. All the other bars were empty, and Argus was overflowing into the street. I’d meant to mail Thor and Amy to tell them about it, but forgot; nevertheless they were the first people we ran into there. Little Quinn is now a fine figure of a boy.

Claire and Ro danced for a little bit, then had a pool game that descended into a brawl. Born San Franciscans, the pair of them. We walked back up to Yo’s where we met my wonderful obstetrician, all sexy in her blue scrubs. It’s her favourite sushi bar! On her medical recommendation, I gorged on maguro and sake maki. Claire had a minor strawberry tragedy at the front door but everything turned out okay in the end. Oh, and did I mention that Spencer’s EP turned up in the mail, and that it’s awesome? And that I’m hugely enjoying Time Traveler’s Wife? With a life this busy and fun WHO NEEDS A BABY, ANYWAY???

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