the way we live now

This morning we woke late and walked holding hands up the hill past pretty Victorian houses and flowering trees to meet Bryan and Cian in Progressive Grounds, our local cafe. Bagels and smoothies in the leafy courtyard, watching the kids play in the toy room, then the dads took the small people off to the local playground while I shopped. I bought the Paul Krugman book at Red Hill and some beautiful clothes for Claire at Chloe’s Closet, the consignment store.

I caught up with the others and we all hung out in the playground, age-appropriately climbing and swinging or chatting and enjoying the dappled sunlight through the branches of a shady tree. Lunch at the new Cafe Chez Maman was delicious – crepes, frites – then I dropped by the library to read in peace while the others played some more, then Jeremy, Claire and I walked home, Claire falling asleep in Jeremy’s arms.

Yet another perfect Bernal day; I’ve lost count of how many days we’ve spent like this. I haven’t raved about my new neighborhood much, because even now, nearly two years after we moved here, I can’t quite believe my luck. I wish everyone lived in a place they loved as much as I love it here.

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