yeah, i know

I’ve been sleeping. People ask me “So what did you get up to on the weekend?” and I say “I napped.” Oh, I may slot in the odd competitive yoga class here, a long-anticipated art project there, organic roast chicken with all the trimmings in the other place, but mostly it’s been me and Bebe the unbalanced cat catching our Zs. And very pleasant it has been too.

Releasing the horses was great fun, and produced exactly the reactions I expected: one family from Wisconsin who completely, absolutely got it and thought we were fabulous; and one officious woman who told us we were damaging the delicate ground-cover: “which is here for everyone to enjoy.”

“Thanks for your comments,” I said, “I’ll take it under advisement.” I’m not even sure what that means, but I was very pleased that I had the presence of mind to say it.

Claire and Milo were extraordinarily patient with our shenanigans, until they weren’t. “Most kids would be pleased to have parents like us,” I told them. “Yeah, that’ll work,” said Jeremy.

Pregnancy makes me sooky, so I’ve been eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and watching rom-coms: Serendipity was just okay, though much enlivened by the presence of Jeremy Piven and Eugene Levy; Wimbledon was rather sweet. Election doesn’t count as a rom-com of course, but what a great film! Claire’s taste runs mostly to animation these days – The Tick, Cowboy Bebop and most recently Harvey Birdman: Attorney-at-law. Harvey scares me a bit because he looks exactly like my one-time paramour Phil, also now a lawyer. If Phil wore a mask and had wings, that is.

Anyhoo! Jeremy is porting OpenGL to the PlayStation Portable, which makes me love him more than ever. I feel guilty about Seth’s appendix: I was joking about the death of the author, ye over-literal fates! If you’ve invited me to a party and I didn’t come (looks guiltily at Leonard and Sumana) I was probably on the couch eating ice-cream, sorry. Late pregnancy is very distracting, like the end of Tony Kushner’s play Millennium Approaches, or like sitting on the tracks in the path of an oncoming train.

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