pig, pig

Hayao Miyazaki was shocked when a woman told him her kids watch his movies every day. Miyazaki said they should be rationed, to maybe once a year. Does Miyazaki know any toddlers? I think not.

Right now Claire is deeply engaged in a close reading of Porco Rosso, probably his best film. She asks for it daily (“Pig, Pig!”) and gets more out of it each time round (“Pig sleeping. Phone, ring ring! Pig on phone!”) She seems to identify with Porco, much more so than with any of the little girls in the other Studio Ghibli films. I guess being the toughest two-year-old at the Day Street playground is a lot like being a bounty-hunter.

I am diverting myself by planning a trip to Japan for the sole purpose of visiting the Ghibli Museum. I dreamed last night that we all stayed in a ryokan.

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