on muni

“They shouldn’t kill him. They should let him die in jail, like John Gotti. Died of cancer. Or Al Capone, they had him at Alcatraz, he died of…”


“Syphilis, that’s right. The doctors wouldn’t treat it, he’d go to them and they’d be all: ‘Take an aspirin.’ Heh heh. He was riddled with it, his brain. I saw that movie, that Alcatraz, and there was Scarface and then Al Capone. They treated him real bad. No respect. The guard said to him: ‘What’s your name?’ ‘Whassa matter with you? You know my name.’ ‘Name.’ ‘Alphonse Capone.’ ‘Number.’ ‘Whaddaya need my number for? I’m Al Capone.’ ‘Number…'”

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