mardi gras

I like Tuesdays because the library is open late. My Claire the dear golden-haired wreathed-in-giggles delight of my heart and I like to head up the hill in her canary-yellow all-terrain stroller and spend a happy hour or two chewing crayons, banging on the Internet terminals and spurning board books. Last night I picked up the Father Brown Omnibus, Ender’s Game and Taliban, a nicely perverse combination.

Libraries are such an unbelievably good deal, like NetFlix but free! I’m trying not to buy any more books until I’ve read everything in the Bernal branch. It’s a magnificent 1940 WPA project with the original murals and light fixtures intact. Last night the librarians were wearing Mardi Gras beads. Fat Tuesday! Ashes to come.

So I’m giving up pickles for Lent. It’s an appropriately empty gesture, because I never eat pickles anyway. I despise pickles. (Except capers, which are good.)

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