i get lucky (in my dreams)

I was Batman! Claire was still my daughter, of course. I was throwing her a huge party and I went in my Bat-costume, which confused several guests who only knew me as Bruce Wayne. Alfred was serving hors d’oeuvres.

Being Batman, I was a man! I can tell I really was a man, because I was thinking about sex. This gorgeous thirty-something woman, who reminded me vaguely of Justine and also of Tina, was helping decorate the scout hall with streamers and helium balloons. She was on a step-ladder and I was totally checking out her, well, y’know, her ass. Can I say that on a family blog? It was kinda hard to avoid it, since she was wearing turquoise bikini bottoms under a translucent skirt. But she carried it off! She was all lean, muscular thighs and the cutest bubble butt.

She looked down and caught me in the act. Her blonde curls were tied up in messy pigtails. She had huge blue eyes and cheekbones up the proverbial wazoo. She met my eye and gave me this amazing, frank, open grin, like I was the most fun she was going to have all day. Be still my beating wossname. I wondered shyly if she would go out with me.

Then I remembered – of course she’d go out with me! I was Batman!

Of course when I woke up, I realized she was the girl version of Jeremy.

Man, she was hot.

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