she pauses to enumerate blessings

Today I am feeling extremely grateful for various things. Email, for example, and three particular pieces of mail I got this morning. The promising results of three recent sonograms: two healthy-lookin’ fetuses, and two healthy-lookin’ breasts (none mine, in case your mind was boggling there). Huge advances in veterinary surgery. Baby monitors, psychopharmaceuticals, important findings in public health.

Nor is my gratitude solely technophilic. I am also very pro-family this week, especially my family, complete loons that they are. My mother’s wickedly fabulous sense of humour, my sister’s ear for listening and singing in harmony, my three brothers – two blood, and one spare – all of whom are instinctively kind, like my Daddy. Oh, yeah, and my own grumpy old man and our snot-nosed brat: the two most amazing human beings that ever lived.

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