Highway 1 at sunset; nourishing bowls of pasta in the Community House at midnight; stomping up the stairs under the stairs; the smell and white noise of Coleman lanterns in Newbird; a patchwork quilt; black widows in the dunny; Cian chasing chickens; raptors; hummingbirds; French toast; baths are better with friends; a hike up and over the hills; Shannon’s amazing and perfectly-timed chili; Afshin’s superb rice and salmon; “You have the most beautiful collar bones I have EVER seen”; “Check out the shoulder on that girl. Have you ever seen a more perfect shoulder?” “I have not”; random kite festival at the Point Arena lighthouse; reliving the Rearden Steel roller-coaster for nj at the Record Cafe; “Uncle Ian! Uncle Ian! Tell us the one about how you got excommunicated!”; “I’m terribly, terribly sorry, but you are all going to Hell”; black beans, scrambled eggs with avocado and chili-turkey sausages; “Do you hear that?” “What?” “It’s the bath… It’s calling me…”; “My gift is my song, body and soul.”

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