fjordy fjord fnord

John: So I’m thinking of blowing off Burning Man this year, going to New Zealand instead. Have you guys been?

Jeremy: Yeah, my mother grew up there, I spent a lot of time there when I was a kid.

John: Is it really beautiful like they say?

Jeremy: Yep, it’s amazing. Geothermal in Rotorua. Fjordy in, well, Fjordland. Those films, The Two Towers, they were pretty much documentary as far as landscape goes.

John (interested): What, and they have the little hairy people as well?

Jeremy: Pretty much.

John: Maoris, or white people?

Jeremy: Err. Both – it’s complicated –

Rachel (proudly): Claire is one-quarter hobbit.

Claire: Goo!

John: She’s so cute! And there’s only, like, four million people in the whole country, right?

Jeremy: Right, but four hundred million sheep. A hundred sheep per person.

Rachel: When you arrive, they issue you with your own personal sheep.

John: I’d like that, as long as I could have a little sheepdog. So these tiny sheep-people, are they illiterate? Are they, like, peasants?


Jeremy: The universities there are very good.

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