qui custodiet ipsos custodes?

Miss Claire has been At Home To Visitors for the last few days. It’s been great. Karen, Robert, Gayu, Tina, Steve, Parker and Salome have all stopped by to pay their respects. We never had this much entertainment when it was just us.

Quote of the week goes to Gayu. We were discussing booking Claire into pre-school, and how we really should have done it before she was born.

G: It’s the same in India. To get me into school, they had to send our watchman to stand in line overnight.

We all smile.

G: What?

Robert: Child of privilege.

G: Why?

Robert: Some of us didn’t have watchmen to stand in line for us.

G (wounded): It was a company watchman.

In homage to this and to the Jane Austen miniserieses that I have been devouring of late, J & I have renamed the rooms of our microscopic apartment. Up here’s the Library and the Master Chamber. Then you head through the Picture Gallery to the South Wing, with its Drawing Room and Banqueting Hall. (This is much funnier if you’ve actually tried to squeeze yourself into our house.)

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