Damn, I thought I was doing a reasonable job of keeping Yatima up to date, but the days just fly past. Claire has put on another pound and now weighs in at 8lb 3oz, putting her out of the featherweight class and well into the middleweight baby divisions. The more she packs on, the less like Gollum she looks and the more striking her resemblence to Churchill becomes. “We will fight them on the beaches.”

Party tricks: having mastered pooing-while-eating and stretching-while-yawning, she attempted an advanced manoeuver for Robert and Gayatri this evening: projectile-pooing-while-sneezing-during-a-nappy-change. My jeans were despoiled! The crowd roared!

Our very amiable pediatrician thinks Claire is very smart. I have two hypotheses here: either this means that Claire is very smart, or that our pediatrician can judge his audience to a nicety. Actually I just came up with a third hypothesis. You should always praise a smart girl for her looks and a pretty girl for her brains, so maybe he thinks Claire is beautiful.

How I dote. What a sap! What happened to me?

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