Some time ago, I don’t even remember when, I had a vivid and elaborate dream about stealth aircraft flying out of an airfield near my son’s (!) playground. These planes were wedge-shaped, a bit wider than the recently-announced Birds of Prey though otherwise very similar, and shockingly manouverable: vertical take-off and landing was the least of it.

The coolest part, though, were the two mission patches the pilots gave my son after we went for a joy-ride over Seattle. One was a sort of Rosie the Riveter deal, with the outline of the stealth plane disguised as Rosie’s, err, riveting tool. The other was a campfire, with the outline hidden inside one of the flames.

My mission patches were way more stylish and art deco, but the Bird of Prey guys had exactly the same idea. I probably read about mission patches like these somewhere; I’m into skunkworks and Dreamland and that whole Rachel, Nevada thing. I prefer this explanation to the alternative, because if I’m actually picking up classified information in my sleep, it’d behoove me to turn myself in.

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