1. 20th near Folsom

Homeless guy: Can you spare me a cigarette?

R: Sorry, don’t smoke.

Hg: Any change?

R: Sorry.

Hg: Ferrari?

R: Sure, you can have my Ferrari.

Hg: What color?

R: Red.

Hg (testily): They’re all red.

2. Folsom & 20th

Another homeless guy: Spare a quarter?

R: Sorry.

Ahg: But I’m hungry!

R: Me too.

Ahg: And I’m broke. And my toenail hurts.

3. At the Moonbase

Kirsty: Timor’s over. The Solomon Islands are over. My mum’s retired from saving the world. She’s going to open a B&B. She’ll get bored in about two minutes.

J: Unless she opens it in Somalia.

K: Don’t even suggest it.

J (being Kirsty’s mum): ‘Do you have any idea how hard it is to get doilies around here?’

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