three things for the elven-kings under the sky

  1. On the way to visit Jeremy’s aunt and uncle in Nana Glen we borrowed an iPod from Kelly, who is seventeen. Her musical taste overlaps with mine at a single point – P!nk – so we played “So What” and I changed the words: “Nanana nana nana, nanana Nana Glen!”
  2. Wollomombi and Chandler Falls are very spectacular, and nearby there is a general store and cafe where we had meat pies and strawberry milkshakes, sitting in a butterfly garden. I promised to recommend it to my friends and so I do.
  3. When I was at university I dreamed of entering a very specific adult world that was represented by excellent parties in Newtown terrace houses with original Martin Sharp Nimrod theatre posters hanging framed on the walls. I was talking to Mum in the lounge of the Playhouse Hotel when Andrew, the owner, brought me a glass of wine. “Is that a Martin Sharp?” I asked him, gesturing with my sauvignon blanc to a very good picture on the wall. “Yes it is,” he said. “Martin’s my cousin.”

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