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Woke up hungover. Had a date night with the Mister last night. We went to Mission Beach and split a bottle of sangiovese. Mission Beach is really just an epically good place. I had a perfect arugula and peach salad, a fantastic bit of filet mignon on a bed of corn, English peas, black-eyed peas, mushrooms and garlic cloves with port jus (I wasn’t sure about the black-eyed peas but they gave the whole dish an incredibly rich earthiness and texture) (“Jus.” “Jus.” Jus.”) and a key lime pie. I ate too much, actually: I’ve been subsisting on salad and lean meats for a while, and can’t pack away three courses with my former aplomb. Then we went to see Exit Through the Gift Shop at the Roxie. It was funny.

This morning we had nothing in particular planned, so when Jeremy suggested that everyone come down and watch me ride I pointed out that we could swing by and see Robert and Gayu and Hari; so we did that, and had a yummy lunch (in Sunnyvale! I KNOW) and then I rode and Failed To Suck, and then there was a bouncy castle at Webb Ranch so of course we had to stop so the girls would bounce. I left my phone in the car where Jeremy was napping so I didn’t get a picture, but I looked at the bouncy castle which was unusually clean and bright rainbow colours, and the girls – Jules in her blue gingham dress, Claire in her leopardskin skirt and NYPL tee – and thought, I should remember this. A perfect moment in a perfect day. Let me keep it.

Now the chicken is roasting with yams and carrots and kale, and the girls are colouring, and it’s another pretty awesome moment actually.

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