julia facts

  • Last night she fell asleep with a book open in front of her, again.
  • She can recognize her own name written down.
  • This morning as we were getting on the bus, she touched my hair. “Your hair is wet?” “Yeah, from the shower.” She grinned all over and stroked my face so gently. “You all clean!”
  • She’s an unbelievably tender kid, always stroking your arm or face or tracing flower patterns on your skin.
  • When we were in the emergency room for Claire’s cut head, she sat quietly next to me and kissed my belly. She knew it was a difficult situation, and wanted to help but not be in the way.
  • She has taught me that two-year-olds can be tactful.
  • I can never do enough good in my life to deserve this blessing.
  • It’s all about the possessives. “My mummy!” “My friend Claire!” “My prilly dress! Right? Okay!”
  • A recent song:

    “My friend Daddy, my friend Daddy, we’re going to Rainbow!
    “My friend Daddy, my friend Daddy, he’s mummy’s, I know.”

  • She gives the best kisses.
  • She likes soup. “Yay! Soup!”
  • Underestimate her at your peril. Her superpowers include mightiness, a will of iron and extreme volume.
  • Bebe the hellspawned cat genuinely likes her.
  • It’s as if the white lights of Burning Man and Mardi Gras had become a small girl, and walked among us.

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