causes for celebration

  • Just as I was thinking how much I dislike the morning scramble to school – shades of the prison house beginning to close around the growing mom, and all that – Claire said “When I am in second grade, I’ll be able to catch the bus to school on my own! Right, mom?” “Maybe third grade,” I said, but she has a point.
  • Kiva released part-paid-back loans today, giving me a wholly unexpected infusion of credit that I immediately plowed back into new loans. This new move is likely to change the dynamic over there. I (and I think other lenders too) had been preferring shorter-term loans of three to six months, because I could turn them around quicker, but if my capital gets freed up anyway there’s no reason not to fund longer-term projects.
  • Claire came home with a folder of her first week’s Kindergarten work, including – I can’t believe this – a page on which she had laboriously copied out “Mi primera semana de Kinder” in her own big spiky hand. There’s also a photo in which she is grinning ear to ear, and maps of Claire Town and Claire City, and it’s all been put together with such care and love that I want to take cookies to her teachers IMMEDIATELY.
  • The girls are playing sweetly as I write this, and making each other giggle.
  • I just started following the Mars Rovers on Twitter. Opportunity’s nickname is Oppy! How cute is that?

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