charlotte’s web 2.0

After playing in the snow in Central Park, we trekked out to PS1, the MOMA annex in an old public school. The art-gallery-in-former-institution vibe reminded me a lot of Kilmainham Hospital, one of my favourite spots in Dublin. The exhibitions were pretty great. One artist had some plywood gratings sitting on helium balloons, so you could walk on air. The girls liked that. They also enjoyed a couple of dark rooms with big videos playing music videos. We all danced crazy to the cancan. That’ll be one of my lasting memories of this trip.

Leonard and Sumana saw my last blog post and invited us to their Backup Thanksgiving, conveniently located near PS1 in Queens. We ate Leonard’s fantastic chicken – the Sunday night roast tradition getting an unexpected boost – then Claire had a go at Powerpoint Karaoke. She chose Charlotte’s Web as her theme.

“There was a pig called Wilbur and he lived in a red barn and he looked at the spider. He looked at the spider’s web ALL the TIME. And it was really great.

“And Wilbur had a friend who was a rat who was called TempleTON. And the goose saw that the rat had a tunnel, and he let the rat have an egg that had in it a dead baby goose. And the goose egg went in the tunnel. And the egg broke! And if you went there you would smell a smelly smell!

“And I think that’s all the time we have!”

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