hello tyrannosaurus rex, hello mummy

By Claire Fitzhardinge

T. Rex and Mother would hunt for Triceratopses to eat.

So they, the T. Rex family, ran away into the forest and saw a Pterodactyl but they couldn’t reach it.

So they stacked themselves, and the little sister caught it and ate it all up.

They kept looking for the Triceratopses.

Then the Triceratopses could see a tiny shadow and they ran faster and faster.

Fortunately a giant bird came down and said “You need rescuing?”

“Yes, the T. Rexes are after us!”

So the bird picked them up and they flew away.

The bird took them to the human world but they didn’t like it; there were no dinosaurs, no Triceratopses, no giant birds.

They said to the bird: “Where do you live?”

And the bird said: “I live in bird land.”

They said: “Take us to your home!”

So they flew off to giant bird land. The T. Rexes couldn’t find them. They were happy ever after.

The End

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