les halles

“I’m working on Chili Pepper magazine.”

“You told me about that! With articles of interest to chili pepper aficionadoes.”

“It’s a weekly?”

“Bimonthly – there’s not that much chili pepper news.”

“How’s the trip going?”

“It’s all very 30 Rock, with my boss as Alec Baldwin and me as Tina Fey.”

“I love your dress, by the way.”

“Thanks! Aaron Sorkin has the same one but his is longer, and not funny.”

“Oh! That was a joke!”

“What was?”

“She asked if there were cross words exchanged at the puzzle convention, and she did it with such an innocent expression that Francis completely missed it -”

“Puns are decadent, anyway.”

“We used to have great fun with geographical puns. Like, I have a Turkish bovine. Is it a red cow? No, is tan bull.”

“Oh very good!”

“I took Middle Eastern transportation. Is bus? No, is rail.”

“I did macrame with gems. Hippie art? No, wool-stone-craft.”

“Matthew’s brother had a great one. In New South Wales – was it New South Wales? No, Victoria, in Victoria a woman crumples up a piece of paper. No, wait, it was a cleric.”

“A cleric, in Victoria, crumples a piece of paper.”

“Right! Nunawadi!”

“It’s a suburb of Melbourne.”

“Kathryn, you are the best joke teller EVER.”

“So I know this couple back in San Francisco, and they’re married right but get this: they only ever have sex with each other.”

“Dude, that’s weird.”

“Yeah! Get a house.”

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