helplessly, head-over-heels

Any morning that starts with conjugal duties and a cup of hot tea brought to you in bed is a better morning than all the ones that don’t.

This evening J and I went to see Once, an art house musical starring (a) the love child of Alex Johnston and Jimmy Fay, and (b) the Czech version of Ioanna. Every time there was an establishing shot I caught my breath and was transported back to 1993/94, the year I lived in Dublin and fell helplessly, head-over-heels in love, let’s see, at least six times. Yet the movie was so good it actually transcended my personal attachment(s) to the material.

That’s a good movie.

Right now J is reading Claire’s library books to her and attempting to sing “Miss Mary Mack.” Glen Hansard, in Once, has one of those soaring aching perfect pop voices (he’s in the band The Frames); J, by contrast, cannot hold the simplest tune. But you oughtta hear him singing to his kid. It’s the most beautiful song in the world.

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