i’m glad i spent it with you

Julia woke up joyful at dawn – it’s the only thing about her I find hard to live with – and I succeeded in getting Jeremy to get up with her so I could sleep two more hours, even though it’s Father’s Day and even though he had forgotten I had a race.

It’s been a day full of small happy victories like that. I only had to walk three times over the three-mile course, and I beat my best time by a full minute. Golden Gate Park was outrageously beautiful and every lovely thing I saw had some intense personal meaning: the Conservatory and Stow Lake where Quinn took our family portraits; my De Young; the giant pink head from Burning Man. When I got home from the race the parking spot outside our house was still there for me. We met Colin and Naomi and their friends at the bus stop, and they moved on just before the J-Church arrived to take us to Dolores Park. At Dolores Park Cafe, I finished reading an article at the exact moment our sandwiches were ready; and so on.

Dolores Park was also ridiculously nice, the perfect mixture of families and pretty gay men sunbathing. Heather Lee and her friend Jane came to sit beside us. We saw a cat on a leash and a boy with a t-shirt that said “Define ‘boyfriend.'” On the way home we picked up sausages at Drewe’s. At home, J’s Major and Minor napped while Claire and I watched Spider-Man. Leonard is coming to stay for a couple of nights; RESTful Web Services is artfully strewn across the dinner table. I do think my boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places. Happy Father’s day, Big Daddy J.

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