frenchs forest: zombie dreaming

Had an AWESOME dream about zombies attacking Arndale, which I will never learn to call the Forestway Shopping Center. They had zombie vehicles, which were welded together out of scrap cars and trucks, very Burning Man DMV. I was among the last handful of live humans, fortifying ourselves in a corner office. My character’s name was Feisty Sidekick. The actor who plays Stan in the US version of The Office was there, too. His name was Black Stalwart.

ETA: Hmm, you think maybe the zombies were my bad memories of the place where I grew up? And Feisty Sidekick is my conscious mind, panicky and overthinking everything? And Black Stalwart is the part of me that looks death in the eye and doesn’t flinch? Come ON, subconscious. This is shabby, meretricious work. MUST TRY HARDER.

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