mother’s day

Nope, no sleep.

Brunch, then sprawling in the sun on the warm pebbles at Rodeo Beach, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches at the Depot Cafe in Mill Valley, home to nap (the small people, not the big people). Dan came over to look after Jules while Claire had a date with me and Jeremy. We browsed at Kinokuniya and had sushi at Isobune.

I was 22 years old the first time I tasted raw fish. Claire eats masago like it’s candy.

Now she’s watching Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m going to make fruit salad.

Oh! And last night when we went to see the Slavoj Zizek film, I said to the ticket agent:

“Three adults for Perverts please.”

A pretty boy nearby overheard me and squealed:

“It sounds so cool when you put it like that!”

“Oh yes, we are definitely For Perverts.”

“And there’s three of you!”

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