easter feasts

My new favourite yum cha place is unstoppable! We were eleven people – eight adults, three children. We had all the dim sum we could eat. Not kidding. Alien chrysalises, shrimp dumplings, barbequed fork buns (Claire likes the fork buns.) We ate ourselves stupid.

“There is food coming out of my ears,” I said.

“Show me,” said Claire, deadpan.

The check came to $77. How we laughed!

We’re doing a Sunday dinner exchange with the Ramsey Gormans, and this week we were their guests. I must say it’s pleasant to be able to walk to a dinner party without crossing a single street. Kathy used a Jamie Oliver recipe to make us pork chops with potatoes, parsnips and pears. My contribution was a bottle of sticky wine and a sweet potato pie from Mission Pie. Everything was fantastic.

I ran very slowly this morning.

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