snotty jackhammers and difficult habits to acquire

Starting to feel slightly better after a hellish yesterday in which my sinuses tormented me with snotty jackhammers every time a child jumped on me or a MUNI alarm went off in my ear. I was so discombobulated that on my way home I accidently caught the K-Ingleside instead of the J-Church, and didn’t realize my mistake until Forest Hill. Jeremy put the kids to bed so I had about twelve hours sleep and feel slightly more human today.

I’m faintly pleased that the only thing I did manage to do yesterday was run, albeit in an even more zombified state than usual. Jamey and I are planning to run the Easter Roller Coaster on Sunday, so I’m fairly determined to do three 4k runs this week. One down, two to go.

Seth and I had one of our semi-regular lunch dates at Samovar delicious Samovar, because he is off to South America to visit Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, the lucky, lucky man.

As usual, Seth and I talked about what Tony Kushner would call the longstanding problems of virtue and happiness. I mentioned how much I admire the Jewish custom of sitting shiva, or simply being present for another’s grief; Seth told me about ben Azzai, who said that the reward for a mitzva (or good deed) is the opportunity to do another mitzva. Compassion, we decided, is like running or riding a bike; it needs to be practised and become a habit.

There is so much work to be done.

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