off balance

I think the steady pain under my mastoid bone is an ear infection. I was sitting on a swing in Holly Park with Julia on my lap, trying to show Claire how to swing. As soon as I kicked off I lost my balance and went backwards into the rubber (San Francisco playgrounds have thick floor matting made of recycled car tires, luckily for me.) Instinct shielded Julia, and she was interested but unhurt as I picked myself up and dusted myself off. My score: crushed thumbnail, scraped knee, aching neck and back-of-the-head where my full weight landed.

Tomorrow: my first 5k run!

In cheerier news, here are a few songs from Claire’s repertoire.

“Flower pony, flower pony, they are my favourite things, YOU WILL LIKE THEM.”

“Power, power, SHOUTING, SHOUTING, you can do it, every day!”

“I’m a cat, I’m a cat, I do not like dog food!”

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