“how is she?” “annoyed!”

Bewildered and appalled by reports from this week’s conference on human trafficking and by rumours of a DHS-ICE raid on the day laborers on, of all streets, Cesar Chavez; and still half-living in the world of the film Children of Men, which although it is an earth-shattering and incredible film is not an especially nice place to live; I finally got off my arse and got an account on Kiva.org.

Kiva is one of my favourite things in the whole world right now, along with Recchiuti chocolates, Jeremy and the children and high realist fiction. It’s democratic microcredit. You get to lend small amounts of money to individual people in the developing world. Meet my new business partners, Akossiwa Alanyo in Togo, Faalevela Robertson in Samoa, Sarah Mukuhi Ndungu in Kenya and Tatyana Pilipyenko in Ukraine.

Together, we’re going to change this motherfucking world if we have to do it one damn dairy cow at a time.

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