even better day

We had French toast for breakfast.

R: My resolutions are as follows. One, yoga. Two, a chapter of the damn novel, every month.

J: How long do you think before you break them?

R: I won’t.

J: You always do. You should make sacrificial resolutions, so you can break those.

R: You should be more supportive.

J: I was going to be, but it turned out that was one of my sacrificial resolutions.

We trundled out to Playa Tesoro, a beach named for the pirate treasure supposedly found there. Trucks roar their air brakes down the highway behind it, and every now and then a giant silent ferry leaves the terminal around the headland, but between these two proofs of modernity lies a sheltered cove with shallow azure waters and white coral sand.

There’s a decent restaurant, its tables sheltered beneath individual palapas (a palapa is a sort of umbrella made of palm leaves) where we had pina colada and the by-now-obligatory tacos de pescado. While Julia played in the sand and Claire and Jeremy kayaked, I wandered on the rocks and looked up to find myself not twenty feet from an unperturbed Great Blue Heron. It craned its neck (hahaha) to look at me, then returned its attention to the water. I do not remember when I have ever seen anything so elegant. Its mate flew with slow wingbeats over the water near the kayakers.

We’re back at the Hacienda. After the sun set in pillows of peach and purple, a full moon rose. We’ve been having tremendous communal meals: t-bone steak, fish Frankie and Shaun caught at the beach a hundred feet away. Tonight is crab pasta. My New Years Eve apple pie met with great acclaim so I am making two more. Tomorrow is our last full day here, but there is no way it can top today, so I will regard it as a sacrificial day.

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