the post in which the last four weeks’ worth of posts all come together

Bebe is forgiven. I’ve been a bit on the cold-and-witholding side lately, what with the her-sending-me-to-the-ER and so forth. But this morning Julia had crunchy snot in her eyes again, so I put on the soothing ointment, and she was perturbed. I pointed her at the cat for comfort.

Julia threw her arms around Bebe and rested her white head against the cat’s black fur. They snuggled like this for a good minute or two. Julia kept turning her head because she was fascinated by Bebe’s purr.

Also today: Salome and I rode the Morgan lady’s stallion and colt up and over the Marin headlands to where the sunlight turns silver and pours into the open blue eye of the sea, and you can see the Farallons out on the horizon and the Golden Gate Bridge and the white city of San Francisco through a gap in the hills. You can see the curvature of the globe. It was so impossibly gorgeous that it made Narnia look like Pyongyang.

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