her is happy

We call Julia “the baby”, as in the phrases: “Poor the baby!” and “I love you, the baby.”

Claire still says “yester-today” and “Lookit!”

Ada still says “her” for “she”. Thus:

C: Lookit the baby!

A: Her is happy!

This morning Claire brought pen and paper to where I was lolling in bed.

C: This is a cat. These are whiskers. It’s a happy, scared cat.

R: Can you write cat next to it?

C: Yes. C A T. That’s for Janny. She’s my grandma. I have two grandmas.

R: She’ll love that.

C: It’s Janny’s picture. Here is a different cat. It’s called a goose.

R: I see. A goose is a kind of cat?

C: It’s a different cat. This is a mama goose. It’s far away.

R: Okay.

C: I want another different cat, it’s called a dog. D O G. Can you draw me a dog?

R: You draw it. I like your drawings.

C: I want you to draw it.

R: Okay, you draw what you want it to look like, and I can draw that.

C: Okay! This is its fluffily fur.

R: Fluffily fur?

C: No, fluffily fur! This is a spot on its bottom. This is another spot on its bottom. This is a spot on its left ear.

R: Is that another spot on its left ear?

C (kindly): Nooo. That’s an arrow pointing to the spot.

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