pony tales

On Sunday the whole of Cortland was closed off for a block party.

“It’s the biggest party I have EVER NEVER SEEN!” said Claire.

Yellow balloons, sausage onna bun, a petting zoo with bunnies and pigs, pony rides. Pony rides! When Salome took Milo down off Pixie, he burst into inconsolable tears.

“That’s right Milo,” said Salome. “Horses make you happy and sad.”

“She told the groom all about selling Noah,” said Jack. “She was all ‘I had a horse. I had to sell him.’ She’ll tell that story to anyone who likes horses. She’ll tell it to someone with a horse tattoo. She’s like a recovering alcoholic.”

“Sort of,” I said. “Only us horse people? We never recover.”

I’d been joking that every time I encourage Ada’s love of horses, Gilbert kills a kitten, and Gilbert had acknowledged that this was so; so when I found Gilbert supervising Ada’s pony ride I cleared my throat very loudly.

“Goodbye Ada!” he said as she rode away.

I said: “Goodbye kittens!”

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